Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Printer for the Digital Den

I replaced my older Epson 4900 after three years of service. It was starting to show its age and was requiring more and more TLC to keep it happy. The new P-5000 Epson, which I purchased from Jim Doyle at Shades of Paper, is an improvement. First is the noise, its a quieter printer although still not wake a sleeping baby quiet. The biggest difference I am seeing is that as suggested by Jim, the blacks are noticeably richer with a stronger D-MAX. On the negative side, the menu has changed just enough to make you pay attention and relearn the new selections and menu on the printer.
Still, when you think of it, this $1700 printer (less the $300 Epson rebate) will last me 3-4 years at best before a replacement is needed. In 1978, after settling in after graduate school, I purchased a Beseler 45MX enlarger for a little less than that and its still in service at the WU darkrooms. Just saying.

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