Monday, January 9, 2017

The Return of Kodak Ektachrome

I hate to be contrary and spoil all the fun and I do not wish to sound like a digital troll but I used to teach slide based film photography and shot more than my share of 4x5 chromes professionally. I also ran a e-6 machine at the Washington  University photo program for a while so I have a few experiences with the material.

Really, Ektachome? IMHO the material was basically unstable, faded colors, a heavy bias toward the blue side and a pretty narrow dynamic range. Did you guys all forget that? I mean there was a pretty good reason why side films were the first to go when film types started going away. I could go on, but I am just a little amused by all the excitement, I mean we have a couple of pretty decent Fujichrome films out there now and I wonder if the folks at Kodak have seen the sales stats for those products.

I guess I am happy they want to make more films but I'd be happier with developing a wider range of negative films again. Oh BTW, I have 4 or 5 Kodak carousel projectors used for sale if you are really committed.