Friday, February 8, 2019

New work from "Portfolio for Bart"

In pulling for for a grant, I found this image that I never converted from the RAW file. I am thinking I'll be doing more work like this in the spring once the studio gets back on line again.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Earliest Example of Digital Figure Studies 2002

My very first digital camera as a Kodak 4800, a camera with so many compromises I did not have it long, I soon acquired in 2002 a Nikon Coolpix E5000. It was a 5 mp camera with terrible shutter lag (yes that was a real thing in early digital) and questionable AF, but it was a start. I think it cost me close to $900 (the price of the bleeding edge of tech).

I do not think they even made RAW files, it only shot in jpg and tiff (8 bit) formats. I originally opened the files in Photoshop 7 (not CS 7 either kids) but these files were opened in Capture One 12 and then post processed into B and W using NIK Silvereffects.