Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dust on my sensor?

 In the spirit of helpfulness I wanted to pass along an issue I've been having all week with my Fuji Xpro 2 sensor. This past week  I've had a terrible time with dust on the Xpro 2 sensor which is odd to me, I don't think I ever needed to clean the Xpro 1 I have had for many years. I keep getting stuff on it especially at F16 and keep cleaning it and it would come back again and again. I will not go into the time line or the gory details but get to it. The junk was never on the sensor, it was on the rear element of my lenses. Yes, my Ziess 12mm Touit in particular had some small thing on it and it was showing up in the images. Never had this happen with the Nikons but I realized with the mirrorless cameras the glass is that much closer to the sensor. So keep it in mind next time your lenses are rolling around in your bag on location and suddenly a big hunk of something shows up on your images, it might just be the glass that needs attention. This was all made more confusing in that I would clean the sensor inside the house, put on the Zeiss 50mm (which I have not been using too much on this trip), go outside and test it by photographing the blue sky and it would show clean. I would them go on location and put on the 12 or the 14mm and it would come back. I was going nuts. Both the 12 and the 14 had crap on the back of the lens elements, not a lot but enough to show up at f 11 or f16.