Friday, March 11, 2016

Sony vs. Fuji repair experience

I year ago January I sent my Xpro 1 in for a new shutter, it was returned very quickly but the image review button no longer worked. I really needed the camera so I learned to live with it. I just took delivery of my Xpro2 so I called Fuji repair in N.J. and explained the problem, their reply, no problem send it in. Now compare that to my experience with Sony repair of my RX100, the lens cover/iris kept hanging up after one month, I sent it in and 5 weeks later got it back, at the 9 month mark it happened again and I  sent it back (remember its still under warranty) and they refused to repair it saying it had impact damage and it would cost $380 to repair.

Just saying Sony does not offer the find of customer support that Fuji does. Great customer service is not about how well things go but when things go wrong what does the company do to make it right. I've owned my last Sony camera in my case.

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