Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Screwed by Sony repair warranty service

As some of you may remember from my previous "rants", I've had trouble with the lens cap/iris on the RX100 MK III I have (9month old), it was repaired under warranty the first month I had it (repair took 5 weeks), and again I sent it back at 9months and now Sony has refused to repair the problem saying it had "impact" damage and now it will cost $380 for a repair. There was no impact damage but there was a very small nick on the outer ring (I carry it in my coat pocket a lot) but have never crashed it. This turn of events is very disappointing and will be my last Sony. I had already purchased the Fuji  X70 and honestly do not miss the zoom of the lens or the little pop up viewfinder, I used the camera mostly as a snapshot carry around camera anyway and use my D810 for the serious stuff. I find the X70 to do very well at ISP 1600 and the lens on it very sharp, so I'm a big fan of the new camera. Thanks for allowing me to rant a bit more, honestly as far as this forum goes, I'll let it go and move on. I would warn anyone against purchasing a Sony Cybershot with this type of lens cap/iris, it seems to be a design flaw and Sony does not stand behind their products.

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