Monday, January 1, 2018

The Lost Model Who Found Me

I just got an interesting email today from a woman who said I photographed her nude at Tyson in 1999-98. She said she never saw the photos and could she see them, she might want to buy one.

Though some sort of miracle I did enter her name into my data base of film I’ve shot and indeed it was 1999 and she was a department model and yes, I shot 11 rolls of 120 of her out at Tyson. I remember she was paid to model for my by the department/school and in those cases I do not give the models any photos.

We’re going to meet in the future to look at the contact sheets, perhaps she’ll buy a couple prints.
I just wonder, what made her think of tracking me down and asking about these photos all these years later. People are funny about nostalgia and their own histories.

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