Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Gear Test Fuji 50mm f2 lens

I recently acquired one of the new Fuji 50mm f2 lenses for to use with my Xpro2 camera. I have tested the 60mm Fuji Macro and the Zeiss 50mm Macro for that camera and was very disappointed in the AF speed and that it often failed to "lock". Both where plenty sharp enough, especially the Zeiss. So when the new 50mm was announced I took a shot at it and have been very happy with the early results. I've only used it for a limited shoot in the studio but I did get out and did these of my grand daughter in the front yard.

The AF was quick and on lock and the lens seems sharp enough, these where shot at f4-f2.8 and there is plenty of resolution for my taste. This particular image was shot in the ACROS film simulation mode and there has been very little post production done to it. I think this lens would be an excellent addition to anyones camera bag doing portrait work. More reporting on this lens in the studio with strobes to follow.

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